Luzeon Art

Alhamdulillah, segala puji bagi Rabb semesta alam yang telah melimpahkan segala nikmat dan karunia bagi seluruh makhluk-Nya di semesta ini…

Luzeon Art. What’s that? Sounds like something related to gallery, museum, or others? Haha, it’s almost close. Well, actually Luzeon Art is one of my project design. It’s been a long time ago I created this name, i think when I was in highschool. Yeah, about 7 years ago! Wow, how old I am now!

We now talk about what kind of project that provided by Luzeon Art. I love design so much, and drawing as well. Sometimes I just combine them to be something called artwork. I already have collection of my artwork that published on my deviantart page since I was study at college. It’s supposed to be a trademark of all my artwork. Yeah, but I’m off often for several times during I work as civil servant.

But now……. I’m coming back! Yeah, sounds great, right?! Haha… new concept that I brought at launching time about 3 weeks ago is Islamic quote and also motivation quote. Occasionally, I put my drawing on them. Mostly, I only use combination of words and my creativity.

Oke, if you can’t wait to see collection of Luzeon Art, just visit this fanpage here.

Have a nice copy and share of my artwork!!! (Yeah, did I tell you that they are all free? Of course you can grab them all FREE!)

Ah, just wanna show you Luzeon Art’s logo! Here we are… (exclude word “I’m back”) ^_^’


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