Diploma III Degree and Its Future

Each person is entitled to achieve the best future through the proper education in this country. The best future is not only for its person but also for country where they live. 9-years compulsory education that has been obligated is one of the ways to encourage people to be at least can have a job by that. For people who have more funds, they will undoubtedly spend their money to derive higher education. In Indonesia, having bachelor degree is more than prestige. But, how if you only have diploma III degree? Is it necessary to achieve diploma III degree (in any major) in this country?

Nowadays, most institution or company in this country look for graduated students who have at least diploma III degree. We are here talking about what kind of job will you get after your graduation. It is not a big deal if you are satisfied with your degree, without have more passion to continue or transfer to bachelor. Essentially, we acquire degree (in any major) is to seek a job. For some reasons, we realize that we need to obtain more, for the best future. Accordingly, some of us decide to transfer their study into bachelor through university which provides transfer study program.

Sadly, currently, almost all of state university in this country no longer provides this transfer study program. Meanwhile, some of private universities neither. I’ve desperately tried to pursue information about this and obtain nothing afterwards. This case is based from regulation that issued by Dikti (I don’t know exactly, but factually transfer study from diploma III into bachelor is no longer available). Here this the reason. Experts say that educational of diploma (diploma I, II, III, or IV) is more directed to vocational education. It is different with bachelor that definitely directed to academic education. Absolutely, it is obvious that graduated diploma III degree just to vacant job that need more practical activity. In the contrary, people who have bachelor degree are easier able to be a leader. So, is it meaningless to acquire diploma III in this country?

Now, it depends on what kind of future that you want to be.

December 2013


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