Children at Night in The Outside

Proudly my friends, I write it (again) in English, though I know my Englsih is not good enough. At least I try.

Well, no argue! Just keep reading this. Hehe…because this is what I feel now. Just enjoy my little ‘curcol’. Okey! ;p

You know, tonight, I just leaved from masjid after took a sunset prayer there. And look, children laugh cheerfully outside. Makes me feel so tranquil and jealous all at once. It reminds me about my childhood. Oh my… it’s so peace. Yeah, probably you’re right. I almost never played outside at night when I was young. But at least, I occasionally go outside and watching the sky, the night sky. So many stars there, so brightly sparkling in my eyes. Not forget, the full moon undoubtful shining adorably. Pretty awesome! I feel so cool. Peace…peace…and peace… The night wind breeze so softly. Increase the tranquility at night.

I’m pretty sure they are so enjoying play together with another now. God, such a beautiful things that I feel now. Very cheerful! Totally cheerful! They are playing something that I don’t know. Indeed, hard to explain it. Errr….if you wonder, it looks like a games called Cublak-Cublak Suweng, yeah… such a things. They are in a group filled by many children. I think you know that.

Hmm… If I’m able to play with, sure with pleasure I don’t refuse absolutely. Hehehe… But, I’m not children anymore. It will be weird if I’m there. Oh my…. What a horrible sight! It’s worst! Hahaha…  No no no… of course I will not. But seriously, I miss that time… 😦 Yeah, an irreplaceable time.

Ahh… never mind… at least I’m in heyday now. Wow??! What’s that means? Haha.. just kidding.

Oke, no more longer I can tell you about tonight. I called it a Beautiful Night, though no moon and stars, but there’s a peace has born tonight.  God has given it to us. And we should thankful for His greatness, our almighty, Allah SWT. Say, thank you Allah… Alhamdulillah…



Farhan Hans


February, 9th 2011

At night



  1. Waa.. Jadi inget waktu dulu kecil..
    Tapi sampe skarang masih main lho itu cublak-cublak suweng, dakon, benteng2an, dan yang paling sering engkle… hahaa.. asik banget.. mainan jaman sekarang nggk ada yg seseru itu.. Untungnya jiwa saudara2ku kok nggk jaman sekarang gitu.. (aduh, malah curcol).. afwan.

    Hebat, Keren2 postingannya.. b^^d

    • hehe.. makasih…
      iya emang, keren emang mainan begituan, walopun kadang tak jarang juga menimbulkan seteru kalo ada yg suka jahil..hehe…
      tapi lebih menyenangkan daripada main sendiri dirumah…
      wah kalo saya ya sudah tidak pernh lagi main kayak gitu, nanti dikira anak lagi… 🙂

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