DEVIANTART : Another Social Network & Missionary Endeavor

Hello there, hope you fine wherever you are. Before, I’m very sorry if I have to using English, and I apologize for my poor English. But I suppose that I neccessary to do this.
In this article, I wanna share something with you. You know, I found something interesting in another social network, which I’ve been the one of the member. Its Deviantart. Recently I was entering that site (, and it was please be there. If you wonder about that site, you should to visit it first.
Briefly, If you won’t, I’ll portray that site. Deviantart is like Facebook. Its social network too, but differently. I mean, most of the member is an artist. They are have a talent, even many. Well, so they using Deviantart to promote their artwork and they hope another artist is going to comment about it. (Don’t forget to visit my site in Deviantart)
Ok, let’s go to the topic. One of the reason why I’m using English because we shall discuss about Deviantart. Most of people in there is using English for their communication, because its not just one country while they was communicating. We are connected from many kind of country in the world. Certainly, it doesn’t same with Facebook, that most of friends we had is from the same country. Unless for feature, I more appreciate Facebook. Hehe… :p
Well, a few days ago, I was reading some comments in my artwork. And it’s awesome, because I just know if one of my artwork has filled with a little discussion about Islam. The discussion was held between two person (and actually, me too,hehe…). I don’t know their real names. But one of them is from United Stated (US America), and the other one is from United Kingdom (UK England), and of course me, I’m Indonesian, hehe…
Honestly, I truly embarassed about it. Because it was held one years ago, and I just know about that discussion recently. Whereas, it was held in my pages!!! Oh my God, I really sorry I couldn’t do anything. I only answered in a simple sentences. How pathetic!!! 
This discussion was occured when I had uploaded my artwork that was written ‘I love Islam’. You should to know, while we uploaded artwork in Deviantart, it would be shown in the first page of the others user of Deviantart, in many kind of country. So, they could see our artwork as soon as possible if they were online.

Ok, now let me show you the discussion, here this…
US : what are the basics of Islam? i have no clue
Me : The basics of Islam are Al Qur’an n Hadits… (Its really pathetic, I only answered simple like this! But its pretty cool I think…haha..)
US : oh. Ok
I thought it had finished, but suddenly someone was joined, she is from UK. And after this, I never know about the continued discussion.
UK : Islam literally means “to submit or obey.” Muslims believe that they submit to a set of divinely revealed laws upon which social and moral codes that govern everyday life are established.
Islam is the world’s second-largest religion, after Christianity, and was founded by the prophet Muhammad based on revelation from Allah through the angel Gabriel in the 7th century AD.
If you have any questions about the beliefs of islam, or about anything else just let me know
US : thanks ^^ that was helpful. islam sounds like a nice religion, i’ll defidently look into it more
UK : yeah its just the media portrays it as some kind of extreme religion that promotes terrorism, when i can tell you its the complete opposite. if you any help with anything just ask
US : ok. are the “terrorists” extremists, or do they simply take the koran differently?
UK : Like most texts the koran can be interpretted in many ways, these “terrorists” already have extreme mindsets and when they interpret the koran, their way of thinking is reflected in their actions. But their extreme actions are contradicting to the basic principles of islam. Sorry for the delayed reply, im on holiday. heres my msn:
US : added ya :3

The discussion has ended… and after more than one years, a few days ago I commented :
I just know about this comment, and your discussion with bacachi, I apologize… And I really sorry I couldn’t explained more than you wanted… I hope now you have found the answer, and I hope you appreciated with the explanation of bacachi… Islam is beautiful, and a very kind religion. There is no relation with terrorism. It just a wrong perception… I truly thankfull with bacachi… (bacachi is the ID’s name of the UK’s woman)
That’s all. I just wanna share this to you. Then, what can we get from this sharing? I found one, that is A WRONG PERCEPTION ABOUT ISLAM IS ARROUND US. And the question is ‘what we have done for our religion (Islam)?’. Have we convey about Islam properly and correctly to the people who are don’t know anything about it?
Hmmm…hard to answer, right? Probably, we less know about our religion. Thats why, we often receive a question (from other faiths or even from fellow Muslims) that is simple, but difficult for us to answer. Embarassing, isn’t it?
Let’s muhasabah, we evaluate our self for a while. Sometimes, we almost never wonder whats happen outside? In others country, Muslims become paranoid because most of people there doesn’t respect us.

–Hope Allah always renew our faith in every sunrise—
Farhan Hans


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